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Luxury Brand Gucci to Rise Steeply in 2019

Luxury Brand Gucci to Rise Steeply in 2019

Interband has officially named Gucci the fastest growing luxury brand in 2019. Hardly any other brand has grown this much in the current year. Based in New York, Interband specializes in brand and branding management and now has 25 offices in 17 countries.

The overall category also includes the fastest growing brands in ALL sectors. So far, however, they are still far from the top of the world rankings. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are still in the top 4. Gucci is in 33rd place when just last year, they were in 39th place. To get to 1st place, they still have to pass Nike (16th), Facebook (14th), and Coca-Cola (5th).

But, with their current growth, it is certainly bound to happen one day. This year, they achieved 23% growth while McDonalds (9th place) only achieved a growth of 4%. Now that is saying something!

Interband has this theory for Gucci’s great success: "In the luxury sector, technology has a big influence—Instagram and WeChat are as well-known today as any Parisian designer. And trends are changing faster than ever before. Streetwear has a strong impact on younger consumers and new global markets are changing the game. Brands that accelerate the pace and adapt to the times are doing well. Those who have adopted the new paradigm more slowly are struggling to keep their famous brands relevant."

Gucci has indeed gained enormous growth in 2019. 

Currently, Gucci has a brand worth of $15.9 billion. It is likely to continue to rise in 2020. Don't miss the next news and get the Grailify app. There, we will always keep you up to date.

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