22 Things You Should Know About the Nike SB Dunk Low "Street Hawker" |
22 Things You Should Know About the Nike SB Dunk Low "Street Hawker"

22 Things You Should Know About the Nike SB Dunk Low "Street Hawker"

Update 23.12.2020

Nike SB has confirmed the Dunk Low "Street Hawker". The colourway was created by designer Jason Deng from Guangzhou and pays homage to the food culture in China: six regional dishes from six Chinese cities combined with other references to Chinese cuisine. We show you every single detail here and also tell you the 22 things you absolutely have to know about the new colourway.

Left shoe

1. The left shoe uses a lighter beige shade for three flour-based dishes.

2. The suede toe box mimics the colour and texture of the Beijing green bean soup (douzhi).

3. The donut pattern (jiaoquan) on the forefoot matches the green bean soup.

4. The embossed suede on the side shows crushed flatbread pieces for a traditional dish from Xi'an: flatbread soaked in mutton soup.

5. The mutton soup is depicted in watercolour patterns on the lateral side.

6. The Swoosh is depicted with a wood grain to represent chopsticks.

7. On the lateral heel, the watercolour overlay looks like Shanghai plain noodles, also called yangchun noodles.

8. An embroidered 10-cent copper coin appears on the lateral heel, suggesting yangchun noodles.

9. The left insole resembles a blue sky, inspired by the traditional Chinese colloquialism of people regarding food as their heaven.

10. The blue lining of the left midsole imitates the blue and white of fine porcelain bowls.

Right shoe

11. The right shoe features sharper colours to represent different levels of hotness, from spicy to sweet.

12. The metallic colour on the right toe box mimics the cooking pots in Chengdu where the dishes are cooked.

13. Boiling chilli oil treatments bubble around the toe box.

14. The ostrich leather on the side is inspired by the crispy fried goose skin famous in Guangzhou.

15. The silver Swoosh resembles the metal hook on which the roast goose is hung.

16. The flame and lychee wood used to roast the goose appear in a watercolour pattern around the eyelids.

17. Shaved ice and taro balls — a common Taipei dessert — are found on the heel.

18. The insole paints the scene of a bench terrace, a landscaping method used to grow rice paddies.

19. The collar lining reflects the colour of meat dishes.

20. The yellow outsole depicts cooking oils.

Both shoes

21. The heel tabs show Chinese calligraphy for "food" in black and white thread.

22. The four colours of the laces are inspired by four essential spices of Chinese cuisine: green (shallots), yellow (ginger), white (garlic), and black (black pepper).

The year 2021 is off to a tremendous start with this release. Nike announces a January 13th drop at selected skate shops and Nike SNKRS.

Update 07.12.2020

New pictures of the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Chinese New Year" have appeared on the net. The materials and the colours look too wild. The release is supposedly in early 2021.

pics by @hanzuying 
Original article 29.10.2020

This year, citizens in China are celebrating the Year of the Rat. But which animal is next in line in the Chinese Zodiac and will Nike drop a new sneaker for the Chinese New Year?

The year 2021 will be the year of the buffalo and it starts on February 12, 2021. Rumour has it that Nike SB has already designed a colourway for the festival. Pictures of a crazy Nike SB Dunk Low Pro have appeared on the net, which is supposed to be released for the new year. But the colourway reminds us more of a "What The" Dunk.

The numerous panels use animal structures, floral patterns, tie-dye designs, and metallic inserts. The colours as well as the different patterns are based on an asymmetrical scheme. The left sneaker predominantly uses a light structure with green and yellow details, while the right sneaker has a dark makeover with red and gold accents.

Don't Miss the Release of the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Chinese New Year"

Check out the first pictures of the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Chinese New Year" and expect a release in February 2021. We will stay on it and inform you in time.   

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