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The 10 Best Accessories

The 10 Best Accessories

The year has been packed with great sneaker releases so far. Keeping track of them is of course time-consuming and expensive. So why not go for accessories next time? Here's a list of the 10 best accessories on the market.

Y-3 DAD KAPPE - 80 €
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Vintage Frames EASTWOOD Sonnenbrille - 275 €
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Oakley Kato Sonnenbrille - 304 €
Accessoires Grailify (5).jpg 14.5 KB


Marant Armband Snowstone - 95 €
Accessoires Grailify (6).jpg 61.4 KB


Vivienne Westwood Schlüsselanhänger - 180 €
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Medicom BE@RBRICK Series 47 100% BLINDBOX - 15 €
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TwoJeys Icon Monogram Bangle - 265 €
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What is an accessory?

A superfluous question really, but for those who need a precise definition of "accessory", here is the answer: an accessory is an additional item or product that complements or enhances the look, living space or function. Most of the time, accessories are small items that easily blend into an overall look and give it a personal touch. For this reason, accessories exist in almost every field, including sneakers, fashion, sports, home and others.

Which brands offer the best sneaker accessories?

Of course, there are also numerous accessories in the sneaker segment that perfect an outfit. Be it a hip doormat from Supreme, trendy snapbacks from OBEY or bags from Prada. Sneakers can also be refined or upgraded with small accessories. Sporting goods manufacturers like Nike and adidas, for example, offer many sneakers with additional laces to optimise the design. You can also upgrade your trainers with the right care products. Canzt is known for its high-quality sneaker cleaning products, including cleaning brushes, cleaning solutions and cleaning cloths. You can find Canzt's products here.

Which types of socks are best for sneakers and why?

The right choice of socks is always very important with sneakers. If you make the wrong choice, the socks can ruin the whole outfit. So look twice in the mirror before you go out on the street. Popular socks are often low sneaker socks, also known as "no-show" or "invisible" socks. They are very low and usually end below the edge of the sneaker. This keeps the look minimalist and the sneaker is more in the foreground. All-time classics, on the other hand, are high white sports socks that keep the overall look simple and timeless. They are made of moisture-wicking materials like cotton and are breathable. Or you can go for socks that match the colour of your sneakers. Colour-coordinated socks can make a fashion statement and complete your sneaker look.

Which accessories are particularly interesting for sneakerheads?

Sneakerheads often go into detail and attach great importance to the care and presentation of their Grails. For this reason, the product selection of accessories is particularly large. We have already reported on the professional sneaker cleaning set from Canzt above, but the gems can also be put in the limelight when it comes to presentation. A special shoe box, sneaker bags or entire sneaker racks are the best accessories for sneakerheads.

Where can I find high-quality accessories?

Many online shops like 43einhalb, AFEW, BSTN and others have a huge assortment of stuff/accessories with high-quality products from G-SHOCK, Carhartt WIP, Arte Antwerp and other labels. You can also buy sold-out accessories on resell platforms like StockX.

Which accessories are must-haves for the basic wardrobe?

Do you like to be in the spotlight and always want to stand out on the street? Then these are the must-haves for your basic wardrobe. In addition to a trendy T-shirt, matching trousers and new sneakers, you can perfect your outfit with a belt, a scarf and sunglasses. Add a watch and a bag to spice up your outfit even more. Of course, jewellery like a ring or a necklace are also popular accessories.

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