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Latest Pickup: Crossover Culture Fatale "Psychonaut"

Latest Pickup: Crossover Culture Fatale "Psychonaut"

Crossover Culture, one of the fastest-growing sneaker and apparel brands, has once again made waves in the basketball world with the launch of their latest sneakers: the Fortune and Fatale. Each available in three striking colourways, these new additions are set to revolutionize the game with cutting-edge technology and innovative design. We had the honour to take a closer look at the Fatale in the super eye-catching "Psychonaut" colourway! 

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The Fatale: Speed and Precision Redefined

The Fatale, derived from the French word for ‘lethal,’ perfectly encapsulates the modern game of basketball where speed is paramount. Featuring a unique 3D heat-molded mesh, the Fatale offers a snug, protective fit while ensuring maximum mobility. This design makes it an ideal choice for players who rely on quickness and agility to dominate the court. Los Angeles Lakers’ Taurean Prince has been showcasing the pre-release colorways of the Fatale this season, highlighting its high-performance credentials.

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The Fortune: Boldly Carving Out New Paths

The Fortune line embodies the essence of fearless players who defy convention and pave their own way to greatness. Central to this line is Crossover Culture's revolutionary Ghost Foam technology. This proprietary supercritical midsole foam is engineered for maximum energy return, offering an astonishingly lightweight feel. The Fortune is not just a shoe; it's a statement of empowerment, encouraging athletes to seize their own destiny and make their own fortune on the court.

The “Unconscious Game” Theme

Both the Fortune and Fatale are available in three dynamic colorways: Atmosphere, Deep Space, and Psychonaut. These colorways are part of the “Unconscious Game” theme, which pays homage to the transcendent state athletes achieve when they are "in the zone." This theme captures the spirit of players reaching new heights and breaking boundaries in the sport.

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The Crossover Culture Fatale "Psychonaut"

Among the standout colorways is the Fatale "Psychonaut", which immediately attracted our attention and we just had to get our hands on those beauties. This version embodies a sleek and futuristic aesthetic, combining pure white tones with subtle, space-inspired accents. The "Psychonaut" not only looks stunning but also symbolizes the limitless potential and uncharted territories that athletes explore when they are at their peak performance.

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Collaborations and Athlete Endorsements

Crossover Culture continues to support and collaborate with top NIL athletes such as Rob Dillingham, Jordan Burks, Boogie Fland, Trey Parker, and Jacy Sheldon. These partnerships underscore the brand's commitment to empowering the next generation of basketball stars.

Availability and Sizing

Both the Fortune and Fatale lines are available in men’s, women’s, and kids' sizes, catering to a wide range of athletes. The Fortune retails for $120, while the Fatale is priced at $110. These sneakers can be found at select DICK’S Sporting Goods locations and online at

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Our conclusion on the Crossover Culture Fatale "Psychonaut"

With the introduction of the Fortune and Fatale lines, Crossover Culture cements its position at the forefront of basketball footwear innovation. The blend of cutting-edge technology, inspired design, and athlete collaboration sets a new standard in the industry. For those looking to elevate their game and step into a new realm of performance, the Crossover Culture sneakers are a must-have.

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