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9 Things Every Sneakerhead Should Own

9 Things Every Sneakerhead Should Own

Are you always looking for a new pair of shoes? You never miss a limited edition? Then you're probably pretty into sneakers. But a large number of sneakers also brings some problems. Dirty shoes, no room for new pairs and so on. That's why we created this list of "9 things every sneakerhead should own" - a little shopping guide for you. Just click on the links to find out where you can buy them!

9 Things Every Sneakerhead Should Own

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Sneaker Cleaning Set
- Precaution is always good. That's why we've added waterproofing spray to our list. But what if your sneakers get dirty anyway? That's no longer a problem, because there are many brands that specialise in cleaning trainers. Canzt has put together the perfect set for you, which consists of a brush, a cloth and, of course, a sneaker cleaner. You can buy the Canzt Professional Sneaker Cleaner here. Otherwise, you can go for the Canzt Professional Sneaker Gel, which is easy to carry thanks to the built-in brush.

Good shoe trees - wrinkles in the toe box? That's not cool - get yourself some shoe trees. We often hear good things about Langer & Messmer shoe trees - but there's also a low-budget version here! These trees can also stretch and widen your (leather) shoes if they are too small or too narrow.

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Sneaker Wipes
- Yes, you should also take care of your favourite kicks when you're out and about so that you can enjoy your sneakers for a longer period of time. That's why you should always have one or two sneaker wipes in your bag in case your shoes get dirty. The Canzt Professional Sneaker Wipes are very robust and easy to use.

- Things get a bit more philosophical here. Since "collecting sneakers" is a devotion with a (nowadays) big history, it is always cool to have some knowledge about what you collect, isn't it? Sneaker Freaker is very well positioned in this segment with the magazines!

Socks - A good pair of sneaker socks is the linchpin of how your favourite kicks actually look on your feet. Luckily, there are brands like Snocks that specialise in giving you the perfect product to match any sneaker. From retro crew socks to sneaker socks in different lengths to invisible socks for that no-show look, they have what you need. Plus, Snocks socks are available in a range of colours, so colour matching is no problem either.

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Shoe box - new shoes go in a shoe box, right. But what about that rare piece of jewellery you just bought on ebay? The seller didn't know what he was selling and threw the box away. So how do you stack them now? Check out these boxes - recommended by Sneakerkult!

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Shoe Whitener - we all love white midsoles. But sometimes they're no longer white after you've worn the shoes for a while. That's why we developed this great pen with Canzt to repaint yellowed or dirty midsoles, and it works amazingly well! You can buy the Canzt Professional Sneaker Whitener here!

Waterproofing spray - You have a pair of new shoes but don't dare to wear them right away because it looks like rain outside? Well, waterproofing spray could be a solution to this problem. Try Impraegnol for example, it gets pretty good reviews in every product test!

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Sole Protectors - Hopefully we're talking about hardcore sneakerheads here. (?) Then you'll probably also pay attention to the soles when you go out on the street with your new sneakers. Stick these Sole Protectors under your shoes and you'll see that your soles stay clean under the self-adhesive strips.

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