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Salehe Bembury Unveils Sneaker Collaboration With Moncler

Salehe Bembury Unveils Sneaker Collaboration With Moncler

Update 19.01.2023

Salehe Bembury shows us the collaborative Moncler Trailgrip one more time. The designer hasn’t given a release date, but it's entirely possible that the sneakers will be significantly more expensive. A normal pair of Trailgrip GTX costs 750 USD, and fans appreciate the Salehe Bembury x Moncler Trailgrip in a similar price segment.

Update 30.11.2022

Salehe Bembury unveils a first look at the collaborative Moncler sneaker at the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Indiana Pacers at Arena. The sneakers have a trekking-inspired design with an intricate look. A variety of materials and colours adorn the model, while a thick midsole sits at the bottom. More exact release details are unknown, but multiple versions are rumoured to be released. We'll stay tuned and let you know when new info comes in.

Original article 17.11.2022

You could say that ever since his collaboration with New Balance, sneaker culture has been keeping a watchful eye on Salehe Bembury. In 2020, the Be A Spunge founder was also named Sneaker Designer of the Year, making him even more coveted as a collaborator. Further collaborations with Crocs and Brandblack then pushed Bembury further into the spotlight.

Next up, another industry giant is set to collaborate with Salehe Bembury. He confirmed this himself on Instagram with a first picture. There, he shows a sneaker with vibrant colours and "Moncler x Salehe Bembury" tongue label.

Salehe doesn't want to show a full photo yet, but the short clip is enough for a first look. Apart from the grey laces, pink, orange, and red land on a premium leather and suede construction. The side panels are then made of sturdy canvas, while thick rope laces tie up the unfamiliar sneakers.

A Sneaker from Salehe Bembury and Moncler Dropping Soon

No exact release date has been set yet, but we'll be tracking it and notifying you as updates come in.   

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