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AFEW Sale: 20% Extra OFF Sale

AFEW Sale: 20% Extra OFF Sale

20% Extra OFF Sale
14.09. - 15.09. 23:59 CEST

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Whenever a heavy sale is about to start, the heart of a sneakerhead beats a bit faster than usual. Shopping seems to be the most fun during sales! The retailer 
AFEW is probably one of the most popular shops. The sneaker store from Düsseldorf specialised in shoes and sells coveted sneakers since 2008. Besides ordinary shoes, sneaker heads can shop rare and exclusive sneakers as well. Most retailers are probably pretty envious of their huge selection. If you want to complete your style, you should give the apparel section a go. 
  • Easy payment via PayPal, Klarna, VISA, etc.
  • Free shipping starting at 250€ to the UK
  • Certified shop according to TRUSTED SHOPS
Whether it is Nike, adidas, KangaROOS or Diadora, AFEW offers a big variety of brands and collaborates with many reputable companies. Thanks to the numerous local collaborations, like with Fortuna Düsseldorf for example, the once pretty small shop keeps growing. The sneaker community can shop popular shoes for an incredible price almost daily. No wonder that AFEW became such a nameable shop.

The numerous AFEW sales are very popular among sneakerheads, as the retailer is always greatly reducing its prices. Heavy discounts up to 50% are no rarity. So, make sure to take a look at the sales before someones else does.

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