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adidas 4DFWD STRUNG: New colourway unveiled

adidas 4DFWD STRUNG: New colourway unveiled

TLDR: The adidas 4DFWD STRUNG has now been unveiled in a sleek black/grey colourway with a creamy white 4D midsole. This advanced running shoe combination of 4D midsole and STRUNG upper was first released late last year and retails for around €250 in Asia.

adidas continues to set the standard in running shoe innovation with the latest release of the 4DFWD STRUNG. Following its debut late last year, this next-gen sneaker has surfaced in new colourways, including a sophisticated black/grey combination with a creamy white 4D midsole.

The adidas 4DFWD STRUNG combines two of adidas' most advanced technologies: the 4D midsole and the STRUNG upper. Introduced in 2017, the 4D midsole provides unrivalled cushioning and support, while the STRUNG upper, introduced in 2022, ensures a breathable, durable and secure fit. This innovative upper has also been used in high-performance football boots, emphasising its versatility and strength.)

When will the adidas 4DFWD STRUNG be released?

The adidas 4DFWD STRUNG is currently available in Asia for around €250, but a confirmed release date for Europe is still pending.

Where can I buy the adidas 4DFWD STRUNG?

You can buy the adidas 4DFWD STRUNG in selected Asian markets and soon at adidas retailers and online at

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