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adidas and Beyoncé Could Drop Four More Sneakers

adidas and Beyoncé Could Drop Four More Sneakers

The first Ivy Park series by Beyoncé didn't really get close to the hype of the Yeezy line. It was actually more of a female addition with fashionable aspects and sporty designs. And as it is usually the case with the Herzogenaurachers, the brand with the Three Stripes could hold back another part of the Ivy Park series.

After months of silence, new leaks have suddenly appeared over another collection that could very well contain both old and new silhouettes. If the rumours are true, we will soon see an IVY PARK x adidas Sleek Super 72, Ultraboost, a Forum Mid and a Forum Low.

The Sleek Super 72 will probably remain the flagship of the sneaker, with its different materials such as leather and suede as well as the rough look in black. In addition, there is also the bright yellow Ultraboost. You rarely get to see such exceptional CWs at adidas. The entire upper is coloured, while the outsole remains brown.

The Forum Mid and Low, on the other hand, are the more inconspicuous models. The fine leather covers the upper layers and is not really noticeable in terms of colour.

When Could the IVY PARK x adidas Sneakers Drop?

adidas has not confirmed the drop yet, but the models will supposedly not appear until autumn.   

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