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adidas and Prada About to Publish Collab

adidas and Prada About to Publish Collab

Update 07-11-2019
After leaks about a possible collab between adidas and Prada have appeared recently, the Herzogenaurach team has finally confirmed its upcoming project with Prada.

Via Instagram, German company adidas shows a picture of two shoe boxes packed inside a Prada shopping bag. The caption reads, "Coming soon" with #pradaforadidas and the post referring to

Insiders have already mentioned that two new sneakers are dropping. Updates state that the sneakers will both be bearing the name "adidas Prada Sailing" and will appear in the colours "White/Metallic Silver" and "Red".

As of now, everyone is awaiting further details and even more pictures of the two new sneakers from adidas and Prada. We will inform you as soon as the official pictures are out. Stay tuned with us to make sure you’re always up to date.

This could very well be the awesome news we’ve all been waiting for! Rumour has it that adidas and Prada have recently teamed up. One would think that with Prada, adidas will have a damn strong partner at its side. But, it just might be the other way around.

Unfortunately, no pictures have come to light yet. According to insiders, the Italian luxury brand introduces a Prada x adidas Sailing together with the Three Stripes brand. The colours that are said to appear on the two sneakers are "white/metallic silver" and "red".

What do you think of this new Prada x adidas collab? 

We can very well imagine the two brands already. Rumour has it that the sneakers will cost around 350 US dollars. Don't miss the next news and get the Grailify app. There, you can get all the information directly on your smartphone.

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