adidas Collector’s Project – the Rivalry Hi by Julia Schoierer |
adidas Collector’s Project – the Rivalry Hi by Julia Schoierer

adidas Collector’s Project – the Rivalry Hi by Julia Schoierer

“The adidas Collector’s Project brought five of the world’s most dedicated three stripe collectors together at adidas global HQ .
Trading knowledge and stories with adidas’ History, Archive and Design teams, each collector was also given the opportunity to rework their favourite archive model for an extremely limited release.”
This is how adidas presents its current Collector's Project, which has already caused a lot of discussion in the sneaker community. Among the 5 collectors is also a young lady from Berlin who might already be known to many: Sneakerqueen Julia Schoierer was allowed to visit the adidas archives in Herzogenaurach and dare to try on her favourite adidas model to give it a new, maybe even her own look. We took this as an opportunity to ask the sneaker queen a few questions in general about the project and specifically about her chosen shoe, the adidas Rivalry Hi.
In subtle white and with grey accents, her Rivalry Hi is actually quite an understated colourway. Julia, however, has given the three stripes and the panel between the toebox and tongue an embossed faux snakeskin finish, giving the shoe her own personal touch. Check out the pictures and read the interview, it's worth it.

You chose the Rivalry Hi for your project. Why this shoe in particular? What is your relationship to this shoe?
Since adidas is the most successful German sneaker brand, I grew up with the three stripes. When you are young, your friends, and in my case especially my big sister Laura and her friends, are the main influence when it comes to style and fashion. Sneakers like the adidas Superstar, Pro Model, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Forum, Conductor, ElDorado or Fleetwood became classics in the eighties and are still status symbols today.
Of all the adidas basketball classics of my childhood and teenage years, most have already been reissued. The Rivalry was one of the few models that has not been revived. In Berlin, it has been eagerly awaited for years.
I also find the model to be one of the most feminine basketball shoes from adidas.

As "Inspiration ...for things in the making" you show a RUN DMC Hollis Crew Sweater on your blog Can you explain this connection?
I have a little surprise up my sleeve for the "family&friends" of this release. After all, there was a whole collection for the Ewing Rivalry...

Were there any restrictions or specifications from adidas regarding the design?
No, not really. Each of the collectors could suggest 2-3 models, one of which was then realised. Since I knew from the beginning which model, colours and materials I wanted, colour coordination and special details were more in the foreground. As the daughter of a fabric agent, I was fortunately not completely unfamiliar with the production process. There were more limitations in the realisation of my perfectionist ideas. The snakeskin, for example, was an important detail for me, which, due to delivery problems, was replaced at short notice with an alternative.

Can you tell us a bit about the whole process from the idea to the final sample?
Last year I was asked by Haeberlein & Maurer (the agency that promotes adidas in Berlin) if I would like to do the project and of course I immediately said yes!
The designing started with our trip to Herzogenaurach and was further refined by email and phone over the following months. For my shoe, 4 samples were produced, which reflect the working process quite well. You can only see minimal changes in the shape or the matching of the grey tones. You can get a deeper insight into the process on Saturday at the release in #74. There I will show the origins of my Rivalry.

Are you satisfied with the result and how does it feel to have your own shoe now?
To hold your own shoe in your hands is of course an extraordinary feeling. A form of recognition that adidas could hardly have expressed to me in a nicer way! I really enjoyed my time on this project, got to know great professionals and really learned a lot. Now I'm excited to see the shoe on other people's feet!

Yes, that's great, you mention it. You can get the shoe on your feet from Saturday, 26.10.13. Then the release of the shoe will take place at No. 74 in Berlin. It is limited to about 150 pairs worldwide and can be purchased there. Thank you very much and I wish you success with the shoe, all the best.
Thanks to Julia, check out her homepage:

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