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Disruptively Simple - an Interview with Morgan Boeri

Disruptively Simple - an Interview with Morgan Boeri

There's no doubt that adidas has had an incredible run in recent years. Led by iconic shoes like the Stan Smith, the Superstar, the NMD and, of course, Boost technology, the brand has shaken up the footwear industry. Now it's time to turn a new page, and that's why we were in Paris to witness the unveiling of an all-new silhouette - the Deerupt Runner. It's brand new, it's different and it's simple.  And while the sneaker community is still debating the look, we interviewed Vice President of Product Footwear Morgan Boeri. Here are five questions about the #deerupt.

Morgan, the shoe is all about the "grid". Why is the grid structure important enough to put it at the centre of the concept?
At the time, the grid in the midsole of the New York or the marathon shoe was a really new sports technology. The mesh is based on the law of physics that for every action there must be an opposite and equal reaction. When it was invented in the 1980s, the idea was that the energy that is directed downwards on impact is also directed sideways through the mesh. This means that you get less tired and can run faster. So it was a real running technique - not just a gimmick.

What kind of consumer do you envision for the Deerupt Runner?
With the Deerupt, we want to appeal to someone who is interested in a new aesthetic. With a more minimalist and sophisticated design approach. That's the type of woman or the type of man who was possibly into the Stan Smith when we relaunched it in 2014 - people with very minimalist outfits who want to use shoes as a statement. That's the kind of girl you see in Paris during Fashion Week.

Why did the launch event take place in Paris?
We are in Paris because we want to play with art, design and architecture. All these elements and installations in Paris have in common that they play with the grid. It's the idea of playing with surfaces. When you move your feet, you can also see how the grid moves, and so it's not only an aesthetic thing, but it also fits with the philosophy of the sneaker - playing with surfaces.

Why does the shoe cost just under 100€?
The aim of this shoe is to be more democratic. We wanted to appeal to a wider audience, including children, and not everyone has the money to buy the 180€ Energy Primeknits. We wanted to be more democratic and also play with colours.

What are you most proud of when you look at what you have achieved with #deerupt?
I like that we took a simple idea to the extreme. We could have just taken the net and put it on the outsole. But we wanted to be bold and do something different. I like the idea of taking a concept from before and taking it to the extreme. I'm quite proud of that.

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