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adidas' New 4D FWD Declares War on Plastic Waste

adidas' New 4D FWD Declares War on Plastic Waste

We remember when adidas introduced its first 4D sneaker in 2017. However, only a few put on the technologically advanced sneaker as they were very expensive at the time. In the following years, the sporting goods manufacturer from Germany continued to work on the complicated printing technology to reduce costs.

Today, the sneakers are much cheaper and compete with other performance sneakers. The latest model is the adidas 4D FWD, which has now been released in a modern colourway. Not only has the legendary 4D sole been incorporated, but the upper materials have also been reworked to maintain a low-carbon footprint.

Alberto Uncini Manganelli, SVP and General Manager of adidas Running, calls the new adidas 4D FWD "the future of running". Seventeen years of athlete data has been collected and analysed to create a shoe that propels the wearer forward. The grid structure is designed to compress the shape in one direction only. Thus, impact energy and movement are directed in the direction the athlete chooses.

Buy the New adidas 4D FWD Now

The new adidas 4D FWD is now available in the adidas online shop. There, the shoes cost only 200€.


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