Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen" Brings Calm and Style For Summer 2024 |
Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen" Brings Calm and Style For Summer 2024

Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen" Brings Calm and Style For Summer 2024

TLDR: Jordan Brand's latest kids-exclusive edition, the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen", draws inspiration from the tranquillity of Zen gardens and the philosophy of balance. With a soft colour palette of Aegean Storm, Hemp and Pink Oxford, this sneaker weaves Japanese aesthetics and yoga philosophy into its design. With unique details such as yoga pose illustrations and 'Zen' logos in English and Kanji, it promotes mindfulness and calm. Scheduled for release in summer 2024 at selected retailers and on

Jordan Brand embraces calm and mindfulness with the release of the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen", a sneaker that embodies the prudent essence of the Zen philosophy for kids. This offering represents more than just a stylish footwear option; it is a symbol of balance, inner peace and cultural appreciation. The "Zen" edition is adorned with a colour scheme that reflects the tranquillity of the ocean and Zen gardens, with a unique blend of "Aegean Storm/Hemp-Pink Oxford-Red Stardust-Sail-Sesame". Of note are the yoga poses printed on the collar, symbolising calmness, and the 'Zen' branding in English and Kanji, emphasising the importance of mindfulness.

The calming influence of the design extends to its choice of materials and colours, evoking images of tranquil sunsets and peaceful streams. The coral pink and blue centre body, complemented by a peach brown swoosh, adds a vibrant yet tranquil touch. The marble-like white and blue sole further adds to the peaceful aesthetic of the shoe.

When will the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen" be released?

Look forward to summer 2024 for the release of this thoughtfully designed sneaker, designed to inspire young sneakerheads on a path of mindfulness and calm.

Where can I buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen"?

The Air Jordan 1 Mid "Zen" will be available in Grade School (GS), Pre-School (PS) and Toddler (TD) sizes, with prices ranging from €65 to €120.

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