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Autry Action Shoes - Sneakers for Men and Women

Autry Action Shoes - Sneakers for Men and Women

In the '80s, Autry Action Shoes, founded in Dallas (Texas), was one of the hottest sports brands in the USA. The US label focused mainly on tennis, aerobics, and running. It also received several awards for various innovations in technology and design.

Over time, Autry's fame did not fade, but other labels followed suit and gave the label, which was founded in 1982, a run for its money. Since 2019, more and more sneakerheads have been talking about the shoe brand from the USA. The new edition of the Autry Medalist is totally hip, thanks to its vintage design. At this time, it is also appearing in other regions.

For a few years now, German retailers have also been offering the shoes with the American flag. You can find many Autry Action Shoes sneakers at 43einhalb or AFEW. Other selected retailers include asphaltgold, Solebox, and SUPPA.

What kind of brand is Autry Action Shoes?

Autry Action Shoes is a sports brand and became famous for its shoes with a vintage tennis vibe and the American flag. Now, the sneakers are worn by men and women not only on the sports field, but also on the streets. The sneaker is also recognised as a lifestyle shoe.

What are the most famous shoes from Autry Action Shoes?

Autry Action Shoes has several silhouettes to offer, but among the most famous sneaker is the Autry Action Shoes Medalist. The classic from Texas is offered on almost every online shop and in several colourways. It has the perfect retro look and the timeless sport style of the '80s.

Is the Autry Action Shoes Medalist available in a mid version?

The Autry Action Shoes Medalist Low is often found at the official Autry shop and retailers, but the Medalist is also available in a mid version. It has a similar construction, but the collar is significantly higher. The Autry Medalist Mid is also available in other colourways. Check out the shops to see them.

How much does the Autry Medalist Low cost?

The Autry Medalist Low undercuts the prices of many other labels. The online shop price is between 145€ and 155€. Individual offers may vary.


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