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Balenciaga Has a Gold Track Sneaker

Balenciaga Has a Gold Track Sneaker

A few days ago, the official pictures of the Nike Air Max 97 "Gold Medal" were released. You can already hear from the name itself what makes the sneakers so special. The sneakers shine ultimately in various gold tones. Now, designer label Balenciaga expands its sneaker line with a similar colourway. The Balenciaga track "Gold" comes with metallic and monochromatic gold colours.

The details are very large and very graceful. Even the material has been carefully selected. A 100% leather-free upper material shows the size markings on the edge of the mudguard. There is also a typical track embossing on the heels and a "BB" on the front outsole.

And, our lace tip for the Balenciaga track "Gold"? It definitely uses double laces with a classic style. The chunky sneakers look best with the elegant look.

Buy the Balenciaga Track "Gold" for £ 615

Currently, you can only buy the sneakers at Balenciaga. The price for the track "Gold" is £ 615.

Here, you can find the news about the striking Nike Air Max 97 "Gold Medal".

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