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(B)APETAVERSE - 10,000 Unique NFTs from BAPE

(B)APETAVERSE - 10,000 Unique NFTs from BAPE

The next big brand announces its entry into the NFT space. BAPE unveiled the (B)APETAVERSE project on January 31st, promising fans and the rest of the community access to exclusive content and other opportunities.

The official homepage of bapetaverse.com reads, "All beings of the Metaverse, come and welcome the King of the Apes, whose new face is soon to be revealed!" BAPE promises 10,000 unique NFTs to the new NFT community. Judging by the redacted teaser image on the homepage, BAPE's artwork seems to be quite different from the other artwork. Small parts of the new logo can be recognised, and they seem more lifelike than the digital graphics from other projects.

Most recently, Nike has announced a joint project with sneaker NFT site RTFKT, while adidas has already released its first NFT with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and GMoney. We expect a great project from BAPE as well, because not only is an independent NFT project being set up, but also the ape motif will probably go down very well with the community.

"World Gone (B)APE. World Gone Mad." - BAPE Enters the Metaverse

For more details on (B)APETAVERSE and BAPE's new NFT project, also check out the Discord channel and bapetaverse.com.   

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