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ASICS SportStyle EX89

A journey through time with style

The ASICS EX89 is an exciting new release from ASICS that combines retro design with modern footwear technology. Inspired by the classic basketball shoes of the late 80s, the EX89 brings a breath of fresh air to sneaker culture by combining vintage elements with current innovations.

The design of the ASICS EX89 impresses with its eye-catching silhouette, which combines nostalgic vibes with contemporary functionality. The surface of the shoe is characterised by a combination of high-quality leather and breathable mesh inserts, which not only ensure an appealing look, but also optimal comfort and durability. The colour scheme often remains in classic, understated tones, which are broken up by contrasting accents and give the shoe a dynamic look.

Technically, the EX89 is equipped with the latest ASICS technology, which provides excellent cushioning and support. The sole is specially optimised for basketball movements, but also offers outstanding performance in everyday life. The GEL technology in the heel area effectively absorbs shocks and improves comfort, while the robust rubber outsole provides excellent grip on various surfaces.

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