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Autry Dallas

Retro tennis flair and modern craftsmanship

The Autry Dallas is a tribute to the classic American tennis style and embodies the resurrection of an 80s icon. Carefully reinterpreted for today, this sneaker reflects the spirit of American sport and its unmistakable style. Autry, originally known for its high-quality tennis shoes, takes up the nostalgic aesthetic with the Dallas model and combines it with modern shoemaking technology.

The design of the Dallas is simple and elegant with a clear focus on quality and comfort. The upper material is made of high-quality leather, which not only ensures a sophisticated look, but also durability and a comfortable fit. The minimalist design with subtle colouring and the iconic Autry logo gives the shoe a timeless character that can be worn for both casual and more formal occasions.

The sole of the Autry Dallas is equipped with modern cushioning technology that ensures outstanding comfort and optimum support for the foot. This makes the Dallas an ideal everyday companion that meets the demands of an active lifestyle. 

In addition, Autry is focussing on sustainability with the Dallas by using high-quality materials that are designed to last. This emphasises the brand's commitment to creating products that are not only stylish but also responsible.
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