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In the 70s, the Diadora brand was the epitome of running, soccer and tennis shoes. Famous professional athletes like Boris Becker wore Diadora shoes while playing sports. Diadora was also in high demand in the soccer equipment market, especially in the USA. But after such a high, unfortunately, often follows a low and the company was in 2010 on the verge of bankruptcy. Through a takeover of the company, however, came a breath of fresh air to Diadora and today, new successes are celebrated again. Diadora convinces us nowadays with very high quality and modern designs. Especially in the sneaker scene Diadora has become very well known and has established itself as a lifestyle brand. Diadora is now not only available in sports stores, but also in luxury boutiques. Collaborations like the one with Solebox in Berlin or Patta from Amsterdam reflect the new zeitgeist and make our sneaker hearts beat faster!

Diadora - Collaborations on another level

Diadora is focusing heavily on collabo's with other brands these days. The Heritage line is part of the successful concept of Diadora: High-quality workmanship, fine materials, a combination of old models and new elements, all this stands out at Diadora and is also the reason why the brand still plays an important role among sneakerheads today. Hardly any manufacturer focuses so much on the selection of good materials and even better workmanship. - Limited models are even still made by hand in Italy! What else can you wish for as a sneaker fan?
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