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FILA Disruptor
Since its introduction in the 1990s, the FILA Disruptor has become a symbol of streetwear culture. The sneaker is famous for its striking, edgy design, which makes it instantly recognisable and sets it apart from other shoes. With its chunky silhouette, the Disruptor epitomises the 'dad shoe' trend that has made a comeback in recent years and appeals to a wide audience.

An edgy symbol of streetwear with retro flair

The design of the FILA Disruptor pays homage to the retro aesthetic with modern elements. The oversized sole is not only a style statement, but also provides extra height and is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring all-day comfort. The serrated sole provides excellent traction and gives the shoe a unique look that will attract attention both on the street and on social media.

The Disruptor is made from high-quality materials and offers durability and comfort. The upper material is usually made of leather, which gives the shoe a classy touch and makes it easy to care for at the same time. The soft insole and cushioned footbed help to maximise comfort and make the Disruptor the ideal choice for everyday wear.
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