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A Swiss brand that took it to the next level in the sneakers world because of its unique and mesmerizing design that puts the sneaker freaks into awe (every time!) The goal was to create something that could mimic the runners' feelings, to make them feel like they were running on clouds. And the quest of taking the stress off of joints led to the meeting of an athlete, Olivier Bernhard, and an engineer, and they built the "CLoudTec" technology. Two friends joined him later in the journey, but the engineer and Bernhard himself integrated this cushioning technology into the shoes. That took the sneakerheads, runners, and fashion freaks by storm. 

On - Taking Sneaker Designs To The Next Level

The turning point for the brand was the collaboration with fashion designer, Virgil Abloh — who added the off-white sneakers to the collection. The result was a highly comfortable shoe with a pinch of style and the fusion of style and functionality made this shoe everyone's favorite. Further, this collaboration sowed the seed for the combination of modernization and cushioning technology. 

What does “On” Offer?

"On" has a range of shoes to offer for both men and women (and yes! For kids too). But here we are, with our favorite ones. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into it:

Cloud 5
The Cloud is the latest shoe from the brand and it didn't disappoint the brand's die-hard fans or the ones that were new to On. The upper portion of the shoe is built from breathtaking mesh to provide ventilation to its wearers. This portion ensures modernization, while the lower portion makes it famous; CloudTec cushioned technology provides comfort to the feet. 

A great addition to the On family and a pleasant experience for the brand's fans. This one was made for the people who always seek minimalism; simple design with a touch of minimalism. The upper portion is made from vegan leather and mesh, which gives it a killer look. And the sole is, again, built with CloudTec technology because this is what makes this brand stand out and is the branding factor. Cloudaway's simple and minimalist style makes it versatile and can be worn wherever life takes you.

This one from the brand turns heads and truly deserves the appreciation it's getting; because of its bold and aesthetic look. The upper portion of the shoe has a huge following from people around the globe; it is a masterpiece in the world of sneakers. A perfect blend of mesh to let the feet breathe while maintaining the quality with the soft leather that feels nothing but a soft cake. The leather gives it a classy look and prevents the shoes from tearing apart.

The sole is built with loads of pads that are supposed to compress at every landing on the ground — to provide a cushioned landing. The pods function in a way that they reduce the shocks and prevent your joints from pain and injury. Laces have the perfect length to ensure a tight hug between your feet and the shoe. The tongue is padded to give a soft feeling, and the heel supports your feet. 

The Roger
The Roger was built in collaboration with a well-known tennis legend, Roger Federer, who played a big role in developing this shoe. It has a minimalist design with color variations to make it more versatile. One thing that makes it unique is the attention to every little detail regarding design. This shoe's lacing is not just eye-catching but also ensures a perfect fit. And it is for both; the tennis and the fashion freaks. 
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