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What once started as a footwear brand mainly focused on men’s street shoes now expanded to sell casual and athletic-fashioned shoes designed for women and children. The brand became the third most famous footwear brand in the United States once it successfully launched its sneakers designed for athletes. Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with Skechers, whether related to sole comfort or lifestyle and performance accessories for adults and children. And here at, you can easily find out about the release dates of the much-awaited new collection of sneakers from Skechers!

A Brief History of Skechers

Skechers was founded by Robert Greenberg in 1992. During that era, Nike was well-known for its targeted market for men’s athletic wear, and it was famously known for having a grip on the women’s athletic market. In the meantime, Skechers filled the gap by introducing street shoes for both men and women because‌ no one was focusing on this specific industry. This innovative move helped Skechers expand into a niche market in the whole United States and gave a leading opportunity against its competitors.

With a revenue of more than $4.16 billion, Skechers USA keeps inventing comfortable and creative footwear designs for men, women, and children. The company has developed and marketed more than 3000 styles and each style has its value. Skechers excels in offering two different types of footwear categories, including performance footwear and lifestyle wear. With time, the brand has gained value in the market by offering branded apparel and accessories for adults and children through proper licensing agreements.

Moreover, the company’s success comes from its hard working employees, top-quality and unique products, and expanded domestic and globally distributed channels targeted with multi-channel marketing. Its famous products include Skechers Sport, Slip-ins, Skechers ultra flex, Skechers dynamite, and many more.

What Does Skechers Have to Offer Today?

There is no doubt that Skechers will provide innovation and comfort in both of its footwear categories, including performance shoes or casual sneakers. The brand offers multiple styles for its customers, and it is hard to mention all of them. But, below-mentioned are some of our favorite ones which are famously known.

Skechers Slip-ins: GO WALK Flex – Relish
We believe every one of us has at least one pair of Skechers Slip-ins in our house as they are the most convenient and comfortable sneakers for walking with their extra ULTRA GO cushioning. Many people, including us, mostly opt for its laceless design as it is easier to wear and has a breathable athletic mesh upper that provides extra support. Moreover, they are lightweight and can be washed easily in the washing machine. With a diverse color range, these slip-ins keep attracting every age customer towards itself as this design is a treat for people because they cannot resist purchasing both comfort and style in one design. ;)

Uno - Night Shades
This unique design for women turns people's heads towards you by giving a statement to your overall look with its vibrant and neon shades. We advise you to buy them, especially in the summer, as they will complete your look with their bright and bold hues. You can choose from multiple cool shades to complement your summer wardrobe with extra comfort. The design features an air-cooled memory foam insole with a smooth and comfortable upper. It also offers a padded collar and tongue for better comfort and durability.

Max Cushioning Premier – Vantage
The special thing about this shoe is that it provides a sporty style for men with extreme comfort with its maximized cushioned sole. This athletic sneaker features a lace-up design with breathable and lightweight upper mesh, Skechers Air-Cooled Goga Mat™ insole and the brand’s famously known ULTRA GO cushioned midsole. Moreover, it also offers the NRT - Natural Rocker Technology for a comfortable heel-to-toe transition with 5% recycled rubber material.

S Lights: Unicorn Dreams
Who doesn’t like unicorns these days? ;) In today’s era, every single kid is obsessed with unicorns, whether they exist or not. Especially if they find their favorite unicorn-themed shoes, they will go over excited over them. This laceless design is created for unicorn lover kids to take their images up to the sky with extra comfort. The design also attracts toddlers towards it due to its glittery and light-up theme.

Uno - Stand on Air
This classic design has become famous due to its air-cushioned comfortable sole. It is perfect for people on the run, providing superior support to the feet with its air-cooled memory foam and cushioned midsole. Overall, this article is a big hit, and we recommend you buy it if you want a comfortable sneaker with a unique design.
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