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Cartoon Vibes on the Nike Dunk Low

Cartoon Vibes on the Nike Dunk Low

Once again, the Nike Dunk Low is used to try out an experimental design. For the upcoming design, Nike has decided to bring various new textures and motifs to the Dunk. This time, some playful cartoon images serve as the eye-catcher. Check out the official images of the Nike Dunk Low "Cartoon" here.

Starting with the unusual colour mix on this new Dunk Low. The shoe comes in a wild mix of five different shades, with a subtle cream and tan as the base, which is then pimped with light blue, orange, and yellow highlights.

Cartoon motifs in the shape of the sun and the earth can be found on the heel as well as on the inner soles. The wild shoe is finished off with shimmering hooks that are placed directly underneath the motifs on the heel, right on the heel tabs.

Official Images of the Nike Dunk Low "Cartoon"

Currently, we already have the official product photos, but so far there is no trace of a release date. However, we assume that a release date is not too far away. Of course, we will keep you up to date!   

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