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Converse SHAPES - First Unisex Apparel Collection

Converse SHAPES - First Unisex Apparel Collection

Converse Shapes

Update 20.08.2020

Converse has now released the first SHAPES unisex apparel collection. Be sure to check it out and treat yourself to the first pieces.

The clothes have a simple colourway and are very casual. The crewnecks and hoodies look especially fierce and are priced at 62£. Here you can find the link to the collection.

Converse Shapes

Original article 14.03.2020

The gender-neutral sneaker philosophy has never been as clear as it is today. Manufacturers often drop sneakers that were either made for the ladies or the gents. However, gender-neutral sneakers are now appearing more and more often. Besides, it hardly plays a role in most shoes. It is in fact true to the motto: if the sneakers fit, then they fit.

With the clothes, however, it looks rather different. The shapes and colours are either aimed at women or men. Converse now has taken this to heart and released a genderless apparel collection that is based on Chuck Taylor's aesthetic. This is a unisex silhouette for the modern consumer.

There are usually 14 popular sizes for men and women. Converse SHAPES, on the other hand, offers only five pieces, which are available worldwide in only four sizes. The material consists of 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent pure cotton.

"When you start designing from a non-traditional location, there are countless possibilities to redefine everything from construction to sizing to materials," says Jonathan Tappan, VP, Global Apparel at Converse. "SHAPES is the perfect example of how to meet the consumer in their element. We believe we can really change the game by adding functionality, inclusiveness and comfort to everyday wear."

SHAPES by Converse will be launched in summer 2020. In addition, two more collections will be released: the Utility Fleece in the fall and Court Ready in early 2021.

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