Designed by and for Women - adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy |
Designed by and for Women - adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy

Designed by and for Women - adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy

Recognising the growing needs of female hikers, adidas TERREX is doing everything it can to make their adventures even more comfortable. With this in mind, adidas recently introduced the adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy - a groundbreaking new shoe designed specifically for women. Thanks to insights from a large all-female European hiking community, adidas was able to develop the perfect shoe that allows female hikers to continue conquering trails in style and comfort. To further enhance this experience, adidas also offers an all-new apparel line specifically designed to meet the needs of women.
"Our research shows that 96% of women in all countries hike outside in nature because they want to connect with nature and get away from it all," says Rebecca MacKay, Product Manager at adidas TERREX. "Working with our internal team of specialists who analysed thousands of foot scans, we were able to design a shoe that is exactly what women want. Hiking shoes that are comfortable, durable and, above all, offer performance. We hope this new range will help women around the world experience the transformative power of the outdoors."
The team considered the impact on the Achilles tendon when the female foot touches the ground while hiking, and studied anatomical foot specifications and feedback from test groups in the Munich mountains. To further understand performance requirements, they sought the opinions of members of the Munich Mountain Girls, a community of 24,000 mountain-loving women who inspire each other digitally and in real life. This input was used to develop an exceptional shoe for women that offers superior comfort and support for their hikes.

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