Jeff Staple x SBTG x Nike Air Force 1 is Limited to 30 Pairs |
Jeff Staple x SBTG x Nike Air Force 1 is Limited to 30 Pairs

Jeff Staple x SBTG x Nike Air Force 1 is Limited to 30 Pairs

Update 21-11-2019

We’re afraid to say that this latest news may come as quite a surprise. Some of you may have already seen that there is no official registration button for the Staple x Sabotage raffle. On the site of, you can only see the tees as well as a "BUY NOW" button. With that, you could, in theory, participate in the raffle, but only if you can get a tee for yourself.

It says so specifically in the Terms & Conditions that the Staple x Sabotage raffle only applies to the USA. On the other hand, if you want to register without buying a shirt, you have to send a postcard to Columbidae Kit, LLC, West 37th Street 12, 11th floor, New York, NY 10018; Attn: "Sabotage lottery". All entries must be received within 5 days before the end of the competition. For this reason alone, Europe is in fact, not included.

Further details can be found here.

Update 20-11-2019

Today is the day! The Jeff Staple x SBTG x Nike Air Force 1 raffle starts at exactly 19:00. All 30 pairs will be raffled off on and what’s special about this is that the sneakers will have a retail price of €0 and are completely free!

One would normally pay customs and import sales tax for deliveries from the USA. But, in this case, it will cost next to nothing. This is because the sneakers are free—only if you’re lucky. You can sign up for the free raffle or buy an SBTG x Staple T-Shirt and automatically earn yourself an entry.

pics by @jeffstaple

Original article: 19-11-2019

Jeff Staple and SBTG have a new collab with Nike and are launching a new Air Force 1. For now, it just sounds like the usual collab with the sports giant Nike. But, as soon as you mention "30 limited pairs", the entire sneaker world goes crazy!

As we approach the end of 2019, fans will get to see a new and incredibly good Nike Air Force 1 by Jeff Staple and SBTG. The upper is made of suede and canvas, while SBTG's camo print wraps the Swoosh and Jeff Staple's Pigeon logo appears right on the heel.

Don't miss the raffle for Jeff Staple x SBTG x Nike Air Force 1! 

Each pair of the thirty handmade Nike Air Force 1s will be raffled off exclusively. On Instagram, Jeff Staple has already announced the raffle draw scheduled for November 20th at 19:00. We have 24 hours to sign up for the raffle, or instead purchase a Staple x Sabotage shirt from the online store and automatically earn a raffle entry. Don't miss the next news and get the Grailify app. With it, you are always up to date.

pics by @jeffstaple

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