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Jenna Ortega Is the New Face of the adidas Family

Jenna Ortega Is the New Face of the adidas Family

adidas is pleased to welcome Jenna Ortega as the new face of the label in the adidas family. This underscores adidas‘ commitment to bringing movement into the culture and connecting with its fans. Ortega has long been passionate about adidas’ presence in sports, music, and culture. So, it was only natural for her to join the adidas team, which has always been innovative in many ways.

Jenna shared, “The way I express myself, whether vocally or aesthetically, is something I personally put a lot of energy into because I know how much power it can have to inspire others. Embracing all that I am and what I stand for is still a journey, and through new experiences I am learning and discovering more and more sides of myself. I’m a big proponent of expressing all different activities, passions, and characteristics, whether it’s through what you do, what you wear, or what you stand for — that’s why I was so excited to work with adidas on this new label.”

The adidas Sportswear label recently launched its AVRYN and Tiro Suit Collection, the perfect wardrobe for any situation.

The Tiro Suit Collection reinterprets the classic adidas tracksuit silhouette, infusing it with modern features while maintaining a timeless look. This all-black two-piece is extremely versatile, and fashion icon Jenna Ortega shows what she’s made of by pairing it with a shirt and tie for formal occasions and wearing it solo for more relaxed ones. Whether you’re heading to the gym or meeting up with friends on the weekend, adidas Sportswear’s debut collections have the aesthetic you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

AVRYN is a new sneaker that is the ultimate combination of comfort and fresh everyday style. Made partly from recycled materials, the shoes offer unbeatable comfort in a stylish and sustainable package. Thanks to adidas’ Boost and Bounce technology, the adidas AVRYN offers luxurious cushioning on the inside, while the signature Three Stripes intertwine on the outside. Two stylish colourways adorn each shoe — a black and grey two-tone option with red detailing and an exaggerated heel tab, or all grey with purple accents.

When the New Pieces from the adidas Sportswear Collection Will Be Released

The German sportswear manufacturer from Herzogenaurach confirms a release date for adidas Sportswear. Fans around the world will be able to buy the first items on February 9th. Early Access is confirmed for February 2nd.

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