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Koché and Puma Drop a Big Apparel Collection

Koché and Puma Drop a Big Apparel Collection

Koché x Puma is an exciting new collaboration that celebrates the power of women in fashion and fitness. Founded in 2015 by Central Saint Martins graduate Christelle Kocher, Koché is already known for its timeless designs with modern elements.

Koché's DNA is based on traditional French know-how and craftsmanship and supports diversity in every form — gender, body type, social, and geographical! This unique spirit makes Koché x Puma special.

"With the Puma family, we designed these garments to enhance performance in sports and to be used as elevated basics in combination with ready-to-wear pieces," says Christelle Kocher. "Ultimately, though, the goal of the collection is to help women reclaim their rightful place in sports and motivate them to stay active in a time when women are standing out as the movers and shakers in the active industry worldwide."

The Koché x Puma collection includes 15 different styles for women and are made of recycled functional fabrics such as polyester and polyamide, as well as organic cotton.

Koché x Puma Collection to Be Released in January

Puma has confirmed the collection with Koché will be released in January 2023. The apparel will be released at the Puma online shop, Koché online shop, and selected retailers later this month.


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