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Latest Pickup: Artestar x Crocs

Latest Pickup: Artestar x Crocs

The new Crocs collection brings the creativity and style of three legendary 80s artists to the world of street art and pop culture: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf. Each of these artists contributes their own distinctive style to this collaboration, creating a range that both celebrates the history of urban art and sets innovative fashion standards.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

His Classic Clogs combine the vibrant colours of blue, black, red and yellow, inspired by the powerful emotions of his works. "Untitled (1982)" and "Untitled Skull (1981)" adorn the individual shoes, turning them into a wearable gallery, complemented by Jibbitz™ of his iconic pieces such as "Untitled 1960 (1983)" and the dinosaur from "Pez Dispenser."

Keith Haring

Haring's clogs capture his signature dancing figures. His vibrant colour combinations, inspired by pop art and urban culture, characterise these shoes. Jibbitz™ pins in the shape of his signature motifs give them a special touch.

Kenny Scharf

Scharf brings his futuristic, surreal style to the collection. With high soles and metallic colour tones, his clogs stand out with a playful, artistic aesthetic. Scharf has added oversized Jibbitz™ to complete his signature look.

Our conclusion

This collection combines functionality and art, offering both lightweight comfort and water-friendly materials with iconic Crocs Comfort™. Each design is a collector's item that embodies the artistic vision of Basquiat, Haring and Scharf.

The Artestar x Crocs collection will be available at Crocs from 8 May. Get these unique clogs and celebrate the creative power of three of the greatest artists of the street art movement.

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