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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX "Anthracite"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX "Anthracite"

Friends, we now slowly have to say goodbye to our summer sneakers for a few months. If you look out the window, you will see that autumn is already in full swing, and it sadly forces us to do so. During the cold seasons, you have to use other sneakers more often, but you rarely have sneakers that are made for it.

Since 2019, one brand has been defying the cold and wet days by designing new and modern sneakers to suit the season, with technical innovations that defy the bad weather. Nike released the first Nike Air Force 1 with GORE-TEX last year, giving the classic a major update.

Now, you can wear the popular Nike Air Force 1 in autumn and still get to have dry feet. Thanks to the GORE-TEX technology, the sneakers are water-repellent and breathable. Apparently, some sneakerheads and fans have been waiting for sneakers like this. The first models in 2019 sold out quickly.


In 2020, the Beaverton-based brand will again offer a range of Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX models. Nike has already added the first four low and three high colourways to the range and offers the right colour for every taste. We took a closer look at the Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX "Anthracite" and checked out the style and technical specs.

The latest Swoosh range has a minimalist design as it uses mainly dark, neutral colours. Materials include black leather panels and weatherproof GORE-TEX materials, with the mudguard, the back, as well as the eyestays and heels made of leather and the middle elements and toe box made of other materials.

Only the GORE-TEX brandings provide a slight contrast to the dark overall package. The back heels are decorated with embroidered logos, and the tongue swaps the usual Nike logos for co-brandings. Finally, colour-coordinated AIR soles complete the stealthy design.

GORE-TEX - Water Repellent and Breathable

One of the biggest technical highlights is definitely the GORE-TEX technology. Thanks to this innovation, your feet will stay dry even in the most violent storm. The material is water-repellent. We put the Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX to the test and were quite impressed with the outcome.

The water beaded off immediately, and our feet were completely dry. Weren't we all waiting for such an Air Force 1? Also, the materials are breathable, which should be guaranteed in an everyday shoe.

In addition, of course, the important properties of Nike are present. The Air cushioning was originally developed for the court. In the meantime, however, even fashion enthusiasts cannot do without the irresistible wearing comfort. Soft pads in the ankle area and tongue further enhance comfort while running.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX "Anthracite"

We are excited about the latest Nike Air Force 1 with GORE-TEX technology and hope for even more stylish iterations. The high versions, on the other hand, seem to take on a chunky construction in 2020. Therefore, we personally prefer these simple sneakers.

The Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX "Anthracite" as well as the other versions will drop at Nike on November 5th and cost £130 each.

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