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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sunset Pulse"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sunset Pulse"

New year, new sneakers. A new year has begun and the major sportswear manufacturers are already preparing the next colourways for countless dreamy silhouettes. Fans and hypebeasts alike are gearing up for a loaded release calendar with incredible iterations. But before we talk about the future, let's take a quick look at the past.

Nike was again at the forefront with some unique and brutal Grails in 2020, and that's a level the Beaverton-based brand has maintained until the last day. But what were the final releases before we got to celebrate the new year? The final sneakers included a few models and one of them was this Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sunset Pulse". The layered design of the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow opened the doors for unlimited colour blocking to embellish the fresh silhouette.

While the AF1 Shadow has opted for a wide range of colours in previous colourways, this variant keeps things simple with a more neutral colour scheme that includes minimal splashes of colour. We took a look at the details of the latest colourway and now show them to you here with a few new images.


We remember the beginning of the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow. The silhouette debuted exactly one year ago, and due to the numerous colourways that have been released in the last 365 days, we could assume that this Air Force has really lived through every on-trend colour. But once again, Nike has proved us wrong and surprisingly releases the "Sunset Pulse" in the last few days of 2020.

The upper of the new version is made of leather and is mostly white, but the eyestays in a subtle "light bone" form a slight contrast to the layered image. Right next to it are the parts that make the sneaker so lively. Soft blue tones meet the double mudguards as well as the rear-ankle tabs.

Two-layer Swooshes then decorate the sides, with only the black Swoosh covering the ankle tabs and the green Swoosh being overlaid by the thicker part. Last comes the peach hue, which is also the title shade. "Sunset Pulse" paints the lower tongue tags, heels, as well as the base layer from the eyestays, which is both feminine and subtle.

Technical Highlights

You might say that the sneakers are significantly heavier due to the double inserts, but that's certainly not the case. These Nike Air Force 1 Shadows are lightweight, and with the comfortable Nike Air cushioning, you get the deluxe feel. Additionally, Nike cushions the low-cut shoe collar for a sleeker look that feels great. Furthermore, these AF1s are extremely durable and offer extra support thanks to the double elements.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sunset Pulse"

Nike has once again dropped another fierce sneaker. The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sunset Pulse" combines a traditional AF1 style with modern colours. Sizes start from 35 ½ and go up to 44 ½. This range should also cater to some gents.

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