Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 & React Vision "Multi-Swoosh Grey" |
Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 & React Vision "Multi-Swoosh Grey"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 & React Vision "Multi-Swoosh Grey"

The label with the Swoosh is known for bundling different silhouettes into one pack and using the same design motif. The different models usually share the same colour scheme, but due to the different shapes of the shoes, the tones often appear differently. Now we can present another small, unofficial pack that makes use of contrasts and quadruple swooshes. 

Nike Air Max 90 "Multi-Swoosh Grey" - Simple Design with Minimal Accents

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the legendary Air Max 90, which is perfect for the concept of the unofficial collection. A large part of the sneaker has been wrapped in a smoky grey, with the soles presenting a deep black. This is also found on the heel and side panels and is also present on the tongues and eyelets.

The swooshes on the outside of the sneaker are a special feature. There are a total of four of them, all of which have different sizes, shapes and colours. An embroidered mini Swoosh clearly stands out with a clean white, while two regular Swooshes in grey and black tend to blend in. The most eye-catching logo is in the middle of the accumulation, is hollow on the inside and shows off a bright orange. In a rather plain design, this element immediately catches the eye.

In terms of materials and comfort, we can expect the typical Air Max 90 quality. An airy mesh base is encased in high-quality leather overlays, providing the perfect combination of comfort and stability. Of course, the iconic Air Max sole not only provides the characteristic look, it also ensures the model's well-known comfort.

Nike React Vision D/MS/X "Multi-Swoosh Grey" - Light and Airy

The extremely comfortable React Vision logically uses the same design concept as the AM90, but the sneaker looks a little brighter. This is mainly due to the white midsole, which is only subtly adorned with grey accents. The upper, however, is again mostly kept in a smoky grey tone. The lower eyelets, laces and heel elements are a deep black, while a bright orange on the tongues and eyelets catches the eye.

Both sides of the sneaker are again adorned with four swooshes in black, white, grey and orange, with the latter being hollow. This Nike React Vision is part of the so-called D/MS/X line and thus follows a rather rebellious design approach. The affiliation to the line is most noticeable in the corresponding lettering on the tongue and insole.

In terms of technical details, you can expect a very high level of comfort with the React Vision. The React sole is one of the most comfortable cushioning technologies Nike has to offer and guarantees an extremely comfortable feeling at all times. In addition, the model is extremely light and airy thanks to the mesh upper, which is protected by a perforated layer. Anyone who has ever had a React Vision on their foot will know how good it feels.

How about Four Swooshes in one go?

The two-piece pack combines a very simple design with minimal colour accents that attract all the attention. Both the Air Max 90 and the React Vision offer incredible comfort and interpret the multi-Swoosh theme in their own way. Ultimately, it's up to you which model you like more. The AM90 with a more classic design or the React Vision that wants to score with a sporty and rebellious look? Either way, you get the full load of Swoosh! 

Both models from the pack are already available at Nike in a full size run. The Air Max costs 170€, while you have to pay 140€ for the React Vision. Just check out our links!

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