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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue"

So far, it hasn't been an exciting year for the Nike Air Max 90. That is because we have seen the other Nike sneakers slowly leaving the archives. The sporting goods manufacturer has directed a lot of focus on the Dunk Low and High, as well as other shoes like the Nike Air Force 1, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022.

While it is not celebrating a milestone birthday, the Nike Air Max 90 is still very popular with both long-time fans and younger sneakerheads. Air Max Day is also coming up again on March 26th. Besides the AM90, we expect to see other hot sneakers from Nike, such as the Nike Air Max 1, Air Max 97, and more shoes.

Now, back to the Nike Air Max 90, which has been released in a mix of black, grey, and blue tones recently. We definitely don't want to deprive you of this iteration, because the dark colourway doesn't only look good on adults, but also on toddlers. Take a look at our images of the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue" here.

Style - Trendy Colourway for Both Big and Small

The Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue" is a release for adults, as well as for toddlers, to match children's style perfectly. Similar to the other sneakers, the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue" is mostly made of robust leather, which is almost entirely in black.

In addition, the classic with the visible Air unit has a soft grey suede on the sides, which starts in the front part and slowly encloses the heel towards the back. In between, a little space is left for eye-catching "Medium Blue" Swooshes to offer the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue" the necessary contrast.

Other branding can also be found at the back of the shoe in the form of AIRMAX lettering as well as white Nike logos at the back and upper. The tried-and-tested sole unit under the foot switches to a healthy mix of white and black, with the blue Air unit finishing off the colour palette perfectly.

Nike Air Max Cushioning Increases Comfort

The Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue" not only offers a visually impeccable shoe, but the materials and technology also enhance the sneaker. First and foremost, we have the comfortable Air Max cushioning and a soft foam inside the sole. This cushions the foot very well, while the raised toeboxes allow the foot to roll smoothly.

On the other side of the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue", we have the sturdy construction of leather and suede, which gives the child a good grip in the shoe. Lastly, we have a traction outsole made of non-slip rubber and small studs for a secure footing.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue"

With the Nike Air Max 90 TD "Medium Blue", Nike has undeniably created a visually and technically good sneaker. Unfortunately, only this version is currently available. The Nike Air Max 90 "Medium Blue" for adults will be released in a few days. You can find the colourway and other models directly at Nike from 65€. Get the shoe size you want, because the sneakers fit true to size.

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