Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape "Vivid Green" and "Off Noir"
Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape "Vivid Green" and "Off Noir"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape "Vivid Green" and "Off Noir"

The label with the Swoosh is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, which is why the sneaker community can look forward to numerous exciting releases as part of the festivities. Countless silhouettes have already been revived after a long time, and they are equipped with extremely impressive colour combinations.

The legendary Nike Air Max 90 is definitely one of the absolute classics from the sporting goods manufacturer's huge range and a must-have in every collection. A number of exciting colourways have already been used on the icon this year. Today, however, we are not talking about the regular version of the legend, but about the modified Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape.

The Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape has been equipped with an upgrade that adapts the model to the rough terrain of trail running. Since runners primarily move off the beaten path, improved stability and traction are indispensable. The modified version is so lightweight and stylish that it can also be worn in everyday life without any problems.

Familiar Aesthetics with Useful Enhancements

Even though the Terrascape version is an evolution of the regular Air Max 90, it stays true to the original silhouette and does not change the signature features. This includes an airy and breathable mesh base that provides a lightweight feel, but is still extremely durable.

The mudguards and overlays use a combination of durable canvas and supple leather with Air Max branding on the sides. The latter reinforces the rear mudguards and prepares the sneaker for rough trails off the paved roads.

The eyelets are reinforced with semi-transparent plastic elements and thus ensure the desired hold of the laces. In addition, the shoe collar is padded to further increase comfort. The tongue also presents a loop with matching Terrascape branding.

The Swooshes are also made of tear-resistant canvas and extend all the way to the heel, where they merge into a loop that makes it easier to get in and out of the sneaker. It is attached to a panel made of recycled material with many small particles, which also shows off a prominent Swoosh.

Trail Running Features with a Chic Look

Up to this point, we have talked about the many evolved elements of the Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape, but not too many differences to the original silhouette are visible. The biggest change awaits us with regard to the outsole and midsole.

The modified version is equipped with a sole made of transparent Nike Grind rubber, which slightly overshoots the mudguards and thus provides even more durability. The transparent design reveals the Nike Crater Foam midsole underneath, which is also evident from the corresponding lettering on the heel.

The special foam is extremely robust and hard-wearing, but comfort is still a priority despite the increased stability. The advanced sole not only provides excellent cushioning, but obviously also the completely new look.

The outsole also uses the transparent effect, but presents a multitude of small particles that indicate the recycled material. In addition, a waffle traction pattern is used on the underside, which is essential for a trail sneaker. Only this provides the necessary stability when running.

A look at the colourful insoles clearly reveals the affiliation to the "Move to Zero" sustainability initiative, as the characteristic Nike pinwheel is on display. Terrascape lettering can also be seen on the insoles.

Variety of Exciting Colourways

The Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape is already available in a wide range of colour combinations, with both simple and eye-catching colourways available. We would like to present you with the "Off Noir" as well as "Vivid Green" — the perfect examples for both preferences.

Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape "Vivid Green"

The "Vivid Green" features a cream base contrasted by brown mudguards and toxic green accents. The latter can be found on the Swooshes, heel elements, and the midsoles, and they clearly stand out from the rather plain rest. The plastic elements on the eyelets show off a light pink, while the laces are a subtle mint green.

Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape "Off Noir"

The "Off Noir" is a much simpler version, as a large part of the upper is covered in deep black. The plastic elements on the laces present a light grey, while the Swooshes, midsoles, and heel elements use a clean white.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape

We really like the modified look of the Nike Air Max 90 Terrascape and the combination of the trail running features and the original aesthetics of the silhouette has been executed excellently in our opinion. The materials used are also extremely high quality and promise long-lasting comfort. A variety of colourways are already available at the Nike online shop for the price of 160€. You should definitely buy them before the first sizes are sold out. If you're still not convinced, check out our detailed hands-on video!

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