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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Spider-Verse"

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Spider-Verse"

Are you still looking for a new sneaker for your collection that is simple but exciting at the same time? Then this Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Spider-Verse" might be just the thing for you. Namely, the latest version of the comfortable shoe takes inspiration from the outfit of the friendly spider from "Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse" and places the superhero's eye-catching colors on a nondescript black base. Combined with the ultra-comfortable features of the Air Max Plus, this colorway is simply unbeatable.

Minimalist design with exciting accents

This colorway should be particularly interesting for minimalists who place great value on an inconspicuous appearance of their shoes, but still do not want to completely forgo exciting color accents. The majority of the sneaker was wrapped in a deep black, which obviously dominates the aesthetics of the shoe.

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A look at the heel area reveals a bright blue hue, which adorns the protruding lines of the Air Max Plus. The electrifying color extends once from the back to the midfoot and finds its conclusion on the outsole. The eye-catching red was placed on the mesh in the front area and highlights the TPU lines. It almost looks as if lights are shining through the airy material. The bright color is also found again on the lines of the outsole and also decorates the "Air Max Plus" lettering on the tongue.

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A combination of blue as well as red is also noticeable on the "Tuned Air" lettering at the toe, while of course the characteristic yellow TN emblems on the tongues, inner sides and outer soles are not to be missed. Aside from the sparing use of colors, an embroidered mini Swoosh is also found on the front outsoles, adding the finishing touches to the design.

High-quality materials paired with comfortable cushioning

In addition to the exciting design, we can of course also expect an excellent running feel with excellent damping in an Air Max Plus 3. The visible air chambers not only provide a unique look, but also impressive shock absorption.

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The airy mesh in the forefoot area nestles perfectly to the foot of the wearer and provides extremely good comfort. In combination with the high-quality leather mudguards and the glossy TPU elements, the necessary stability is still maintained and you get a perfect lockdown.

Be part of the Spider-Verse with the Nike Air Max Plus 3

The Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Spider-Verse" strikes the perfect balance between minimalist design and color accents that attract an enormous amount of attention. The mix of the bright blue as well as red fits perfectly with the deep black base, as the flashy hues are thus even better accentuated. Even though the homage to Spider-Man is a bit more subtle on this model, you can still immediately see the parallels to the superhero's outfit. For every fan of the friendly spider from the neighborhood, this colorway is an absolute must-have. In addition, you can also look forward to the excellent cushioning of the Air Max Plus 3.

The Nike Air Max Plus 3 "Spider-Verse" is already available in a full size run for a price of 190€ at Nike. So be sure to check out the link if you want to secure a pair.

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