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Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max Viva

Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max Viva

Few lines have been making history for as long as Nike's legendary Air Max line. But did you actually know that this unforgettable cushioning had a difficult start or even almost didn't get released if it wasn't for Nike co-founder Phil Knight? Yes, not only had Nike seen this stunning Air technology before its debut, but so had many other manufacturers.

Aerospace engineer Marion Franklin Rudy was the inventor of the legendary Air Max technology. After a brief career change, Rudy was looking for creative solutions for industries, and that's when he came up with the idea of incorporating air cushions into shoes. Surprisingly, 23 shoe manufacturers ignored the creative thinker until he found a sympathetic ear in Phil Knight.

By now, we all know that Phil more than liked the idea. Countless silhouettes fill our shelves and almost every year, another new silhouette is added to the range. This year is no exception, as Nike will soon be releasing the Air Max Viva — an exclusive WMNS silhouette with the legendary Air Max cushioning. Find out everything about this new must-have from Nike here.

Style - Classic and Modern Air

In recent months, Nike has clearly shown us that the brand wants to cater to more and more women and therefore released more special WMNS sneakers. But not only are female variations created, but also exclusive women's shoes. The Nike Air Max Viva, for example, was designed specifically for women's feet and offers an incredible feel that everyone must try.

But we know that not only the feeling should be optimised, but also the look has to be perfect. No one wants a boring and plain sneaker, right? That's why the Beaverton-based brand has brought in a raised stand for an even more modern look.

If the sneakers are still too boring for you, you can use the additional laces made of durable tech cord for a technical hike style. In this colourway, you get mustard yellow rope laces in addition to the purple laces. Use the additional eyelets next to the Swoosh and on the toe box.

Technical Highlights

If you can only take one sneaker with you on your next trip, then it should definitely be the Nike Air Max Viva. It's a technical marvel and packs it all into one modern silhouette. Thanks to the additional laces, you can find your perfect fit. But what would a Nike Air Max sneaker be without the legendary Air Max cushioning?

As with previous iterations, the new Nike Air Max Viva exposes Air technology and combines it with soft, flexible foam for a comfortable experience no one wants to miss. Added to this are premium leather elements for better support in the shoe and lightweight mesh for enhanced breathability.

Finally, the voluminous collar not only offers an elegant look, but also supports every step for a great wearing experience.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Max Viva

We think the Nike Air Max Viva is not only a technical sneaker, but also offers a city-ready look and is suitable for any wardrobe.

This edition is already dropping at Nike on February 11th, with only Nike members receiving early access. A larger release follows on February 18th with a black and white colourway and another release with a brown colourway on March 4th.

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