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Latest Pickup: Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery"

Latest Pickup: Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery"

Hardly any other sneaker writes so many years of history as the Nike Blazer Mid. Did you think the silhouette is even older than the Nike Air Force 1? You heard that right! The Blazer is even almost ten years older. Nike released the first Blazer in 1973, and on that day, the model was set to make basketball history. Nike itself said that it was the best basketball sneaker of all time.

If we detach ourselves from our current opinion, we can certainly imagine it being almost 50 years old. The high shape for better stability, the light weight, and the robust materials are still omnipresent today, with today's technologies and other features being ahead of its time.

Over time, the Nike Blazer turned its back on the sport and eventually disappeared completely from the scene, but it was never forgotten. On the contrary, the silhouette evolved into something completely new and is now a lifestyle model that we certainly cannot live without. New materials, playful colourways, and advanced shapes keep the flame of the Nike Blazer alive, just like this elegant and luxurious Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery". We took a look at the latest issue of Nike and show you the details right here. Let's go!


Why do we still love the Nike Blazer Mid '77 after so many years? The silhouette hasn't lost its charm after all these decades. A simple shape, the uncomplicated cut, and the versatile look have not become boring at all, and that's why we keep getting more iterations from Nike like this elegant Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery".

The Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery" reminds us a bit of the early days of the Blazer. The clean and high-quality leather is the basis for the updated Swooshes and other brandings. Also, the sole with the double mudguard remains unchanged. New details include the flat laces as well as the high-quality tongue and heel inserts.

The flat laces feel very smooth and also feature gold lace tips, while the tongues and heels are made of corduroy and finished with gold Nike logos. In addition, the Swooshes in their mother-of-pearl look enhance the overall package.

Technical Highlights

Why change something if it was already good from the very beginning? The Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery" has a tough leather upper and a padded lining, which makes it even more comfortable to wear. We found the "Shoelery" to be very comfortable and soft.

Furthermore, Nike still uses the non-marking herringbone rubber sole in this modern version. You don't have to do without the good traction and still get to leave the imprint that we love so much.

Conclusion on the Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery"

We have not seen such an elegant and luxurious colourway from a Blazer for a long time. We love the cord, the golden details, and the shimmering Swooshes. We left our Blazer unlaced because we think the casual look still looks best with the icon.

One tip for those who will be wearing a Blazer for the first time: Tie the sneakers wide open to get a better break-in. The Blazers are laced really tight at the beginning. The release of the Nike Blazer Mid '77 "Shoelery" is on November 28th at Nike.

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