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Latest Pickup: Nike Cortez- For the  sunny spring days

Latest Pickup: Nike Cortez- For the sunny spring days

When you talk about Nike's classics, many world-famous models come to mind. Be it the Nike Air Force 1, the Air Max 1 or the Jordan 1. But is there THE one classic? THE shoe that surpasses all others? Of course there is, and this style is still loved internationally today. We are of course talking about the Nike Cortez, the shoe that started the incredible story of Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman and Nike. The first Nike Cortez was released back in 1972 and, believe it or not, 52 years later we still wear and love this sports shoe.

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Once dubbed "the most comfortable running shoe" by leading athletes, the Cortez can keep up with modern trainers despite its age and has become an integral part of our collections. No wonder, because the unmistakable midsole with the "zigzag details" makes it incredibly comfortable and the sleek aesthetic is and remains popular with sneaker fans. The upper of the Cortez is usually made of leather, but Nike has now developed the shoe further in this area, so that the silhouette is now also available with a textile upper. You can see the version with the textile upper here in red:

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Why we love the Cortez 

For many, the Cortez is not a classic silhouette, as the shoe does not look like an ordinary trainer due to its jagged outsole and shape. And yet the silhouette has been with us for decades. That's precisely what we like about this silhouette. The shoe inspires you to be bold and experimental. You can see from these pictures that the Cortez is extremely versatile. No matter what outfit, whether jeans or joggers, skinny or extremely wide, the Cortez looks good. The Cortez is very versatile and if you are interested in unusual trends, then you have the perfect basis with this shoe!

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Our verdict on the Nike Cortez 

What can you say about a shoe that has a 52-year success story behind it? Hardly any other sneaker in the world can look back on such a long tradition as this shoe. The Cortez- whether leather or textile- simply remains a classic and is the perfect companion for everyday wear. Comfort and aesthetics stand out with this shoe, so get your pair and add it to your daily rotation!

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