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Member Exclusive (Access): Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

Member Exclusive (Access): Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

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Have you also made new resolutions for the year and does sport play an important role? If so, you're probably like us and many other people around the globe, fighting against your inner temptations so that you don't lift a finger. But maybe you just need a new incentive to turn you from a couch potato into a well-trained athlete.

Maybe you need a motivating sports partner by your side or a whole new set of equipment to encourage you mentally to do the next 10 burpees or 100-metre sprint. At least we can help you with that last point, because Nike has designed a new tracksuit that will not only make you look good, but also strengthen you in your endeavour.

The new Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Tracksuit offers huge benefits for your next workout and also has several pockets for your smartphone, power bar or other things.

Style - Sporty, Clean, Nike Tech Fleece

Before we get to the technical details, let's take a look at the look of the new Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece tracksuit. Narrow lines and a flat design are the essential components. The whole concept has been kept minimalistic to focus on the essential, the sport.

But we think the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece tracksuit can be worn not only in the gym or outdoors, but also in everyday life, like at home or in your city. The sporty look is trendy and can be combined especially well with comfortable sneakers.

Both the Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie and the trousers have a slim fit for a close-fitting feel. The trousers are slightly wider at the top so you can enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement.

Tech Fleece Material - Nike's Solution for Almost Every Sport

Ok, the everyday look looks good, but those who go for Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece usually have other goals. The innovative Tech Fleece material was developed for colder temperatures to support you on cold days. The garments keep you very warm and are also extremely light.

An important Nike Tech Fleece feature is the bonded trim around the zipped pockets. With a simple pull, you can quickly stow your card, smartphone or keys in the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece tracksuit and get back to your training. You can also easily adjust the fit with the additional drawstring.

Conclusion on the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Tracksuit

The Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece hoodie and pants are some of the best training gear you'll ever wear. The lightweight and form-fitting design feels great on the body and supports your training with innovative materials. This time you'll reach your sports goals in the new year! Besides this colourway, you can find the hoodie and the pants in other colours. Check out the links below.

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