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"Multi-Swooshes" on the Nike Air Force 1

"Multi-Swooshes" on the Nike Air Force 1

Just last week, images of various Nike models celebrating the Swoosh were unveiled. The world-famous logo is actually 50 years old this year. And the brand from Oregon celebrates this in a familiar way. Nike's "First Use" collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Swoosh, and you can read all known leaks and information about it right here.

The "Multi Swoosh" releases are not an official part of the "First Use" collection, but they also feature the distinctive Swoosh as the main attraction.

To date, two Nike Air Force 1 models are known to have been given the "Multi Swoosh Treatment". In both releases, the classic white Air Force 1 with a cream-coloured sole forms the basis. Several Swooshes in different colours on the outside of the silhouette serve as a visual highlight.

As mentioned at the beginning, two different variants of this Multi Swoosh concept are known up to this point. One Air Force 1 has blue highlights on the inside and on the tongue in addition to the coloured accents, and a second AF1 has the same highlights, but in black.

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As of today, there is no fixed release date for these styles. However, due to the fact that there are already official product photos of both styles, the release shouldn't be that far away from us!   

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