Nike Celebrates Mexican Culture with the Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre" |
Nike Celebrates Mexican Culture with the Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre"

Nike Celebrates Mexican Culture with the Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre"

Update 13.09.2021

A few days ago, we thought the Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre" leaks were just a single shoe, but now, it turns out Nike has designed an entire collection around Mexican wrestling culture.

We've already reported on the metallic Air Force 1 below. The lineup is now joined by an NIke Blazer and also a Nike Air Max 90.

The Blazer has a silky woven upper, panels of faux snakeskin, and lacing inspired by the back lacing of a wrestling mask. The gold is a nod to the boots worn by "luchadores" in the golden era of the 1950s and '60s.

The Air Max 90 comes in a two-part black-and-white colour scheme, a nod to the famous "Los Técnicos vs. Los Rudos" lucha libre rivalries that pit good against evil. The upper is made of textured woven fabric, the protective rim of patent leather.

The designs are born out of a serious respect for observation, which is at the heart of Nike GEL (Geo Express Lane) products. The folkloric ensemble of masks and costumes forms a true artistic tradition in Mexican culture. In Mexico City, lucha libre is considered an intangible cultural symbol that brings people together.

"We see sharing cultural expressions as a way to create relationships," says Carlos Hernández, merchandising director of Geo Express Lane in Mexico City. "When you engage deeply with a culture, you share its passions and interests. By paying close attention to the tradition of lucha libre, we are able to share a piece of Mexican culture with the world in places like Seoul, Tokyo, Brazil, and more through our footwear and apparel. With a series of Mexico GEL collections coming soon, we are creating the products with the same imaginative focus on cultural details."

Release of the "Lucha Libre" Collection

The collection is already available in Mexico and will be available globally at Nike from 17 September!   

Original article 23.08.2021
Mexico's rich history has inspired numerous sneakers from the sporting goods manufacturers, and soon, a new Nike Air Force 1 inspired by Mexican professional wrestling will now be released. It is the addition to a range of models that have already stepped into the ring. This time, however, the low sneaker uses the country's national colours and other elements of the Máscaras.

Most of the Nike Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre" is finished in silver and features colourful Swooshes. On the left, red logos are used, and on the opposite sides, we find green Swooshes. The colourful insoles with a Nike logo and Lucha Libre! print also look lively.

But perhaps the best detail consists of the capes on the midfoot. The laces are covered by a luchador mask, which creates a brilliant overall picture when you look at the Nike Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre" from above.

Don't Miss the Release of the Nike Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre"

There is unfortunately no release date or retail price for the new Nike Air Force 1 "Lucha Libre" yet, but it is expected to drop later this year. We'll keep track of it and notify you when it drops in Europe.

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