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Nike Daybreak "Coffee" Comes with a Splash of Milk

Nike Daybreak "Coffee" Comes with a Splash of Milk

Whether it's plain black, with sugar, or milk, coffee is omnipresent and is served in the most diverse forms. Therefore, a cup of coffee also has the most varied colours, and Nike shows us exactly those shades with the "Coffee" Pack, which consists of a Nike Air Force 1, an Air Max 97, and this Daybreak.

We started with an AM97, which is definitely one of the darker versions. This was followed by a creamy AF1, and now, we look at the Daybreak, which has no dark hits. Instead, the sneaker gets a splash of milk to give it a blonde appearance.

The base consists of traditional nylon and right next to it are borders made of suede overlays. Both materials have been dyed a caramel brown, while the rest of the building blocks, such as the tongue, heel, and sole, are much lighter in colour. In addition, the insoles and heel caps receive the typical "Coffee" brandings.

Don't Miss the Release of the Nike Daybreak "Coffee"

We don't want to wait any longer for the Nike Daybreak "Coffee" and the other sneakers of the pack. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date yet. We will stay tuned and keep you updated.   

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