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Nike Embellishes Its Dunk Low with Extra Stitching

Nike Embellishes Its Dunk Low with Extra Stitching

Update 18.03.2022

Nike has released the official images of the Nike Dunk Low NH "Cacao Wow". Take a look at the close-ups here and don't miss the drop in the next few days.

Original article 15.02.2022

The output of Nike Dunks is astounding. Seemingly every day, a new model pops up somewhere, ready for a future release. Today, we've spotted another in-hand pic showing a new Dunk. This time, however, the classic from Beaverton is set to receive a refreshing colour scheme with alien details.

For starters, the leather and suede panels are nothing new. The mesh on the sides or toebox, as well as the earth tones, don't seem foreign either, as previous Nike Dunk Lows have similar constructions. But what makes this Nike Dunk Low so extraordinary now, you ask? The answer clearly lies on the hands, or rather on the overlays.

The mudguard and the rear flaps, including the heels, are decorated with complex stitching. Presumably, they serve more of a decorative purpose, because you can't see any other details. However, there may be even more potential in this Nike Dunk Low, as the laces are combined with green beads.

Stitching and Beads Adorn the New Nike Dunk Low

It feels like we are still far away from the drop of the new Nike Dunk Low. We'll stay tuned and keep you updated.   

pic by @ryivibes

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