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Nike Shox R4 "Black" Prepares for the 2024 Restock

Nike Shox R4 "Black" Prepares for the 2024 Restock

TLDR: The Nike Shox R4 "Black", known for its sleek all-black design with subtle orange accents, is scheduled for a restock on 3 April 2024. This restock reflects the classic appeal of the sneaker from its 2019 release, with the distinctive four-point cushioning system, Pebax stability plate and leather and mesh construction. Highlighted by Max Orange detailing on the tongue, insole, heel and outsole, the sneaker offers an eye-catching yet subtle contrast. Priced at €150 for the 2024 restock, it remains a hit for sneakerheads.

The Nike Shox R4 "Black" prepares to make a comeback, retaining its all-black aesthetic that has fans excited for its uniform-compliant and stylish look. Despite its predominantly black design, the sneaker integrates orange flecks on the heel and a hint of crimson on the heel of the outsole, adding depth and a touch of vibrancy to its overall look.

With a confirmed restock date of 3 April 2024 on and SNKRS, the Nike Shox R4 "Black" remains a celebrated piece in Nike's footwear collection.

When will the Nike Shox R4 "Black" be available?

The expected restock is set for 3 April 2024.

Where can I buy the Nike Shox R4 "Black"?

During the restock, the Nike Shox R4 "Black" will be available for purchase on and SNKRS at a price of €150. You can find the link to the sneaker above.

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