Nike's New FlyEase Technology Comes Together with Nike Air Zoom UNVRS
Nike's New FlyEase Technology Comes Together with Nike Air Zoom UNVRS

Nike's New FlyEase Technology Comes Together with Nike Air Zoom UNVRS

A new technology from Nike is about to fill the shelves of sporting goods stores. The sports giant releases the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS, which comes with a unique FlyEase system. The said system is designed to provide a quick entry and exit for the wearer and is specifically designed for athletes with disabilities.

In order to come up with more FlyEase models in the future, Nike has set up a philosophy where at least 2 out of 3 points must be achieved:

1) The sneakers must be easy to open and close.

2) It must be easy enough for the wearer to get in and out of the shoe.

3) The sneakers are adjustable for different foot shapes and foot sizes.

Olympic champion Elena Delle Donne has made a huge difference with these high-performance basketball shoes. Elena herself has a sister who has to live with a specific disability. Her sister Lizzie Delle Donne has contributed the most to the design, as this has helped Elena recognize the core features of the Nike FlyEase through her.

"I wanted to show that a professional athlete can wear it. Men, women, adults, people with disabilities. This shoe will work," says Elena Delle Donne.

Elena Delle Donne is an American basketball player and plays in the WNBA. She has played for Washington Mystics since 2017 and was MVP in 2015. Elena gets to do the honour of introducing the new Nike Air Zoom UNVRS.

But, what exactly is behind the new Nike FlyEase technology? The Air Zoom UNVRS now has a magnetized heel that folds down and then connects to the midsole. In order to maintain the signature comfortable feel, a Nike Air cushioning system is included together with the well-known Flyknit material, which is designed for longevity.

This new Nike Air Zoom UNVRS is truly a game-changer for disabled athletes! 

Nike launches the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS in November. If you don't want to miss the next news, restocks or releases, you should download our Grailify app. There, you'll get all information that you need.

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