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Official Images of the Brand New adidas NMD S1

Official Images of the Brand New adidas NMD S1

Update 22.09.2021

The adidas NMD S1 has received a release date out of nowhere and will be sold at adidas CONFIRMED via raffle today only. So unfortunately, you only have a relatively short window of time (until 16:00 CEST) to sign up for the brand new S1. We wish you good luck!

Update 15.09.2021
In June, the brand new adidas NMD S1 was leaked on various social media accounts, but now, we finally have the official images from adidas. So, we should be pretty close to the first release.

Unfortunately, the company from Herzogenaurach still hasn't confirmed a release date. But of course, we will keep our eyes open for you and inform you via our free app!

Original article 09.06.2021
"Is this supposed to be an NMD?!" That's what you're probably thinking. The adidas NMD R1 PK, released in 2015, hit like a bomb. Hardly any other sneaker was as popular as the NMD. But, as is the case with any hype, it eventually dies, and the sneaker gets left behind more and more often. In the meantime, there are numerous variations of the Runner (R1), such as the R2, CS1, CS2, Ts1, XR1, and so on.

In the coming years, adidas tried to rekindle the hype with OG colourways on the R1, but it just didn't work. Now, a completely redesigned NMD is coming out, the S1, which doesn't look like the OG NMD with the plugs on the sides. The only thing that still reminds us of an NMD is the sock-like Primeknit upper and the lacing. The Boost sole has been replaced with a rather thick gel sole with traction teeth. If you look at the sole from below, you can see that the traction teeth are actually made of several adidas Trefoil logos. As mentioned before, the plugs on the sides have also been changed and replaced with smaller and thinner styles.

Will adidas manage to create a small hype again with the adidas NMD S1? We think the version is not bad at all. It looks clean and is probably incredibly comfortable for the warm summer days.

Release Info on the adidas NMD S1

Unfortunately, there is no date for the drop yet, but we will inform you in time with further updates. With Pharrell Williams already promoting it, it can't be that much longer.   

Pics by @philllllthy

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