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In classic cycling and running, "pacemakers" are the ones who run ahead of the others to ensure a fast race - they set the pace. Till Jagla and his team of creative minds want to transfer this spirit to modern streetwear with their new brand. "PACEMAKER PRODUCTS" is dedicated to the creatives around the world who always think outside the box and are always one step ahead of the others - they set the pace in streetwear and lifestyle.
Till Jagla brings in all his experience and knowledge gained in more than a decade of working for big sneaker brands and being part of the scene. The result of months of hard work is a first clothing collection in clear colours and classic cuts. A rabbit is the central element of the PACEMAKER logo and symbolises the fast pace the brand wants to set.
The first collection by PACEMAKER PRODUCTS will be available in selected shops such as 43einhalb, Asphaltgold, Overkillshop and TheGoodWillOut from August 27th.

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