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Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace"

Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace"

After Palace unveiled their collaboration with Calvin Klein, the label and CK are now offering a closer look at the multi-part collection that will be released this week. We've picked out the best images and show them to you here.

The brands are choosing big-name stars like Willem Dafoe and Dame Joan Collins to showcase the Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace" campaign. The pieces from the unexpected collection have a playful aesthetic, with Palace incorporating its skate-inspired details with signature Calvin Klein styles.

"I feel so lucky to launch our very first fragrance with Calvin Klein. CK ONE broke the status quo, and it was a dream come true to create a new version of it in Palace style. I grew up admiring the iconic Calvin Klein campaigns of the early ‘90s, which appealed to everyone with their simplicity and forward-thinking portrayal of fashion. They were so visually striking: the cast, the energy—it's really second to none. From the first phone call with the Calvin team, I knew there was so much we could do. This collaboration has evolved organically, and I'm proud of everything we've created together," said Palace founder Lev Tanju at the launch of the Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace" collection.

You can expect several denim pieces, t-shirts, jumpers, men's and women's underwear, as well as a plethora of accessories. But the highlight is the new CK ONE perfume and a skateboard with co-branding of the two labels.

When Will the Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace" Collection Be Released?

The big Palace x Calvin Klein "CK1 Palace" collection will already be released this week. On 8 April at 12:00, the pieces will drop at Palace and at the Calvin Klein online shop.


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