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Palace x Nike Partnership - A new era in streetwear

Palace x Nike Partnership - A new era in streetwear

TLDR: British skate brand Palace is ending its long-standing partnership with adidas to partner with Nike from 2026. This new partnership promises to combine Palace's unique skate and fashion aesthetic with Nike's extensive reach in sports and streetwear.

Exciting developments are on the horizon as renowned British skate brand Palace prepares to transition from its successful collaboration with adidas to a new partnership with Nike from 2026. This transition marks a significant milestone for both brands, combining Palace's unique style with Nike's extensive influence in streetwear and sportswear.

Palace is a major player in the streetwear world and is known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. Their partnership with adidas, which began in 2014, has produced numerous iconic pieces, including the recent Lucas Puig Samba trio colourway released in Spring 2023. Palace has also collaborated with other brands such as Salomon and Reebok, demonstrating their versatility and broad appeal.

The rumoured partnership with Nike, first reported by @Horhead_sales on X, signifies a new chapter for Palace. This collaboration is expected to expand Palace's reach by leveraging Nike's unrivalled presence in skateboarding, streetwear and sportswear.

When does the Palace x Nike partnership begin?

The Palace x Nike partnership will begin in 2026.

Where can I buy Palace x Nike products?

As soon as they are available, you can buy Palace x Nike products at selected Nike retailers, Palace stores and online platforms. Keep up to date with the sneaker release dates page on Grailify.

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